I thought 2013 made it very difficult for 2014 to be better. Boy, was I wrong.

Many goals were accomplished, many lessons were learnt, much growth happened.

From 0 to 21k: I started 2014 with the goal of running a half marathon from not even running 1k. Many people doubted me, even myself. However, this was one of my greatest achievements of 2014. Once again I got to test my will power and discipline to a whole new level. I now believe I am capable of anything and everything. For 2015: a full marathon. Training starts in January!

From deer under the headlights to speaker at #IAS14: this was one of the most scariest experiences in my life. I made it a goal to speak at the Information Architecture Summit of 2014 and I definitely didn’t know what I was getting into. But I was more than capable of rising up to the occasion, of course with a little help from my friends, Alberta, Evan, Adam, Brad, Tim: thank you <3

From happy to broken to happy: another difficult challenge for me was a breakup that left me in a billion pieces and I thought I wouldn’t recover from in a long time. Had never been there before. Turned out to be one of the most valuable lessons I learned this year. I am *now* very grateful for this experience, for I wouldn’t be who I am today without it: more patient, more loving, with more self respect and more appreciative of all the great moments in between. More importantly: I learned not to keep grudges, to forgive myself and my partner and to not have the need to provide karma at my own hands. I hurt someone I really love because I thought I needed some sort of justice and for that I am truly sorry. I’ve learnt to let go and to love myself.

From an idea to a reality: For a while now I’ve been wanting to start a UX community in Mexico but didn’t have the motivation nor the right partners to keep me company for this project. This year the stars alingned and we’ve started UX Nights: a monthly themed event with the objective of gathering the UX community in Mexico City. Couldn’t have done it without the support of Mauricio, Veronica, Abraham, Adrian (Kane & Solca), Sandra, Victor, Zaira and many more. Thank you for believing in this!

Startup Weekend DF: thank you for letting me give back to the community as a coach. Hoping to be an organizer next year!

SF Giants won the World Series: and I was there! No greater feeling than that. I love you SF.

Additionally, I got to see my family and friends after a long time. Grateful for all the people around me and new friends that I’ve acquired that are more valuable to me than gold. Stefie, Gaby, Martha, Pau, Dani, Rubén: <3 and to my loving friends for being there for me when I needed them most: Diego, Ana, Hide and Lui, thank you <3

Dare: to do something new; to do something scary; to make a mistake; to be rejected; to be loved; to be out of your comfort zone; to be vulnerable.

Here’s to an even better 2015!

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