Yesterday I watched this TED Talk by Dan Gilbert on “The Surprising Science Of Happiness” where basically he explains that happiness is synthesized and not natural as many may think (watch it, it’s really great). Meaning, we will always achieve happiness with any situation we settle for.

This all comes in the middle of a personal quest to achieve one thing that I’ve wanted for some years now. I’m quite close, the timing is perfect but just ran into a couple of obstacles that for some people would have meant “Well, let’s move on. It wasn’t meant to be” and I would probably have “acquired” happiness without it.

Problem is, I’m not willing to give up and until it’s mathematically impossible for me to get it, I will continue to fight for it, because I’m not happy with giving up. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I gave up on something I *really* wanted.

This made me come to a realization: if happiness is acquired or synthesized, then it’s entirely up to us when to get it. Happiness will be obtained when we decide “Okay, this is when I’ll stop. I will settle for this”. My guess is that people who settle are more likely to be happy. People who keep fighting for new goals will always be unsatisfied and to me that’s good. It’s great, actually: it means that at a certain level “unhappy” or unsatisfied people are the ones that move this world into becoming a better place.

Today I’m pleased to say that I’m happy with unhappiness. I’m happy with not settling for anything else that I’ve set out to accomplish.

Comments? Thoughts? I’d love to read some 🙂

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