My experience as a first timer at the IA Summit

Deciding to attend the IA Summit requires a lot of consideration, specially because of the financial toll it takes on most of us: conference ticket, airplane ticket, hotel, expenses. It all could easily amount to at least a couple grand. I decided to write this post and share my experience as a first timer intended […]

Happiness is the willingness to settle

Yesterday I watched this TED Talk by Dan Gilbert on “The Surprising Science Of Happiness” where basically he explains that happiness is synthesized and not natural as many may think (watch it, it’s really great). Meaning, we will always achieve happiness with any situation we settle for. This all comes in the middle of a personal quest […]

Lecciones aprendidas por una venezolana en Ciudad de México

Nota: este post fue publicado originalmente en Junio de 2011 en mi posterous y fue movido en Octubre de 2012 a este blog. El verbo chingar puede significar cualquier cosa, dependiendo de su contexto. Pendejo es el equivalente a mentar la madre. Ciudado con su uso. Los mexicanos nunca dicen que no -excepto cuando necesitas […]